The Clinic

“Good morning Ms. Shawldovel. I’m Doctor Clarke. Nice to meet you.”

“Good morning to you, too, doc” I said as I entered his clinic.

The clinic was very typical. A simple desk with a computer on top of it, a potted plant beside his name plate and pens placed in a mug with ‘best doctor’ written across it. On the other side of the room is  the bed where his patients sit and lay to be checked. Beside it is a door, it must be where he does his simple operations, where I’ll find myself soon.

“And how are you doing?” he asked, too cheery for the kind of clinic he has.

“I’m alright, I guess” I responded.

“You know, I had a patient with the same last name as yours. I forgot her name but the last name is something that is hard to forget. It’s…”a pause. Then “It’s unique” then gave a small laugh. “I mustn’t talk about other patients but the name is really different and when she entered she looked very problematic, I won’t forget her expression.”

As he said that I thought, who wouldn’t look problematic when entering this clinic.

“Though, I don’t really remember her face well, now that’s weird, isn’t it? Anyway, it must only be a coincidence. I believe that was about 6 years ago?” he continued while looking upwards and tapping his pen on his chin.

“8 years, actually” I said “or maybe 9”

The doctor stopped and looked at me, puzzled. “I’m sorry, were you the same . . .”

“No” I cut him short. “That’s not me. It’s my first time here”

“I see. Of course, as it says here in your record” he gave a smile. “Should have checked it first. I apologize about that.”

I said nothing, just gave a little nod. He went behind his desk and was about to say something when I started to talk.

“That person” a pause and he looked at me not expecting I was to say more. “That person is now 27 years old. Married. Happily? I don’t know, that’s not for me to say. She has a child now too. A little girl, aged two. She isn’t problematic now” pause, then ” I think.” And I ended it with a small smile.

The doctor stared at me for quite a long time, as if studying me, looking for words to say but only asked, “and you?”

“Me?” quite taken aback “well, I’m only 22 years old, much older when that person first came here. I still go to school, taking a major I don’t really enjoy. I have a boyfriend which I’m lucky enough he didn’t left me because of this. And also, obviously, I am here with the same reasons as that person, when she came here. Also, still problematic.

“I see” he said, I guess it’s his automatic response. Then, “well, miss Shawldovel, you don’t have to worry because I am here to help” and gave a warm smile. “Let’s start by staking a seat and talking about this thoroughly.”

I nodded. Took the seat in front of his table and fiddled with my fingers.

“First question,” he said. “Are you really sure about this?”

I stared at him in the eye and said a serious yes.

“Okay then, the real first question” as he clicked his pen, placed it on my record and looked at me,

” How long have you been pregnant and what procedure do you want me to do?”


©O.S.C Delson


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