Black Out

when the lights are dead and the streets pitch black,

and only lights of passing cars illuminates the way.

when you stare at the distant and see no twinkle of light,

but hears the gentle sound of generators somewhere.

it is at this moment when you imagine all the worst that could happen.
she could not see anything, not her way not even her stop

and when she did she was a few meters past.

she sees nothing, not the bright color of her shoe nor the palm of her hands

she hears no one but the howls of the wind pushing her back.

as she search thru her pack for a torch she imagined all the worst that could happen.
she walked home with the light on her hand

looking back every step she made to assure she was still alone

she quickened her pace desperate and afraid

as she imagines all the worse that could happen
there it was, her home, her comfort

safe at last she thought, away from darkness, away from the strong wind and away from whatever is out there.

from the door of her home a light beamed at her.

blinded, she thought who could it be at the other end.

Her father? or mother perhaps. she knew it wouldn’t be her sister as she would be in dreamland.

when her eyes have adjusted there she saw, that the worst that could happen was not following her at all,
rather waiting for her to come home.

take care.


©O.S.C Delson


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