Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children


Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children


So, they are going to make this in a movie and I have high hopes for it because Tim Burton is going to direct it! I do hope they would finish it to the last book. I am actually excited for the ending of this which is new because I don’t watch movies that i have read [ at the same time, I don’t read books I have watched ] because I know I will be disappointed with the outcome of the movie [for example, Rick Riordan’s  Percy Jackson, Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons – but also still looking forward to Inferno, and many more].

The reason why I am excited for the final ending is because the books’ ending or the whole of the third book was very unsatisfactory, disappointing, rushed, and has a lot of “ex-machina’s” that made it a lot more disappointing.

After watching the trailer for the movie, [watch it here or here] I spazzed! I literally screamed and jumped till my housemates told me to shut up. It looked great, though there were quite the disappointments on the characters but still it looked awesome. I love the cast! Most of the cast image fits their role and i think that is cool because that seldom happens.

The disappointing part is the characters of Emma Bloom, Olive Abroholos Elephanta, Miss Peregrine, and the hallowgast. In the books Emma is a fire “weilder” or user and Olive  is a girl lighter than air that uses special shoes to keep her grounded. In the movie, I guess they combined both characters. Emma’s ability is air and uses metal shoes to keep her on the ground and that they may have removed olive’s character.

As for Miss Peregrines and the hallowgast it isn’t really disappointing but maybe it’s just because my created image of them is different from how the movie portrayed them. I see Miss Peregrine as the typical movie nanny or of Nanny McPhee from , of course, Nanny McPhee or of Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter. For the hallowgast, I imagined them like Venom [spiderman’s enemy] covered with black goo and has a lot of tentacles coming from it’s mouth.

I do hope Tim Burton won’t disappoint me as the third book has disappointed me greatly that i threw the book across the room and wished for a book four because I just couldn’t accept the ending.

It. Was. Anti. Climactic.

What do you think?