The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus

The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus – Book Five

NOTE: This post may be more of a rant, but what the heck. I am so upset that I need to let it out.

Have you read this book? Have you read the ending? yeah? I know it hurts so much. I have a lot of complains about these book. but don’t get me wrong I still love it a hundred percent.

  1. Percy and Annabeth POV

    I am quite disappointed that they don’t have a POV in this book. I believe they were a major character in this series and having no POV from them doesn’t make sense, especially that in the first 4 books they have their POV included. I just feel like there is something missing in this one book, that part of the story is not complete.

  2. Gods VS Giants

    “That was it?” that is my first reaction. It was abrupt. The past books was all about the awakening of Gaea and the fight of the gods and the giants. It was just a simple fight, nothing exciting happened. Even the entrance of the gods wasn’t really invigorating, it doesn’t stir up any joyful emotions. The fight was kind of boring. I was expecting for more clashing of powers and fights. I thought, were the giants turns really weak when a god and demigod is around. Weren’t they supposedly been created to defeat the gods? right? Like they should have been in par with each of the gods but they were killed easily. If not and I am wrong, then the book failed to show it.

  3. Gaea’s Defeat

    Again, the story was about how Gaea was going to awake and destroy the world. How she is all-powerful and scary. But, she was defeated so easily. She lift-off from the ground and kept in the air by Jason, charmed spoken by Piper then destroyed by Leo, period. That was it. Yes, Gaea was far from the source of her power but still, that was it? In the books Gaea is smart and witty when she was asleep, but those traits didn’t come out when she was awake, she was helpless during the battle, but considering that she may have been over-confident, but still couldn’t she have done something to make the story more interesting? For me, the build up for the climax was great, but when it was already at the part it turned stale. In just a few pages they destroyed Gaea.

  4. Octavian’s Defeat

    WHY? that’s how he died? that’s it? he catapulted himself? That is not how I expected it to be, since he is like one of the main villain in the story and that is how he dies? I was expecting more of a – he lives, then everyone goes on to him after the war, going to trial but so blinded yelling that he will be the one saving rome them Apollo appears saying all the things he said to Leo that he is very disappointed and what he did was not what he wanted. Having Octavian go in denial and does something stupid that killed him (or something like that). His death was not satisfying and does not have any justice in everything he did.

  5. The ENDING (or whatever happened to LEO)

    WHY THE CLIFF HANGER? I know it was supposedly an open ending or an obvious ending, but there was a part that just confused me. The ending would have been alright, Leo finding his back in Ogygia and seeing calypso then leaving the island but because of this particular part every thing was ruined.

“. . . How long was I gone, seriously?”

“Time is difficult on Ogygia,” Calypso said. “It felt like forever.”

. . .

He hoped a hundred years hadn’t passed while he was flying around dead and Festus searched for Ogygia.

This is the part. The questions that floated my mind was, “So did it passed a hundred years?” “Did they really meet up with others in the camp at the end or did he reached a new era that he has become a legend?” The hundred years could really happen and that would be so sad and disappointing. (going Interstellar on me) I was most furious and depress at this ending. It ruined me -_- just  why??!!

6. Overall Ending and Story Pacing

I think the ending isn’t really satisfying. To close a whole series or the whole Olympian thing (thinking/considering there will be no more continuation in this story or another series) this way is just appalling. The ending just feels rushed. More like the book was rushed. The characters travel was long that it makes you anticipate for the whole war (both gods vs giants and greeks vs roman) but when it got there it was short, more like anti-climactic. It’s the feeling of “ugh…lets just get this over with.” The climax was to short, comparing to the last book of the first series (The Last Olympian) this is sooo second class. The ending was rushed and no proper closure to the characters and both camps. There is NO PROPER CLOSER for the WHOLE SERIES/STORY.

TO MAKE IT ALL CLEAR, I love this series even the first one (especially the first). I fell in love with the story and characters. I got so hitched that i wanted more and I hope and wish Rick Riordan would do another series (though I know that might be an overkill to the story). In this Series I personally love Percy (all time), Nico, and Leo. They have their own unique characteristic but also has similarities. I JUST LOVE THEM.

NOTE #2 : this is obviously a rant. Hehe I just typed to ease my dissatisfaction and disappointment. don’t go on hating. remember: opinions.